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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ready to go

My lovely wife and I have the boat about 95% loaded up for our trip. We were going to take it for a shake down cruise on Friday, but conditions out in the Gulf were a bit rougher than we liked. Soon we'll get out on the water.

We moved a lot of supplies and equipment from the van to the boat. That saves us a lot of money. The van supplies were built up over a number of months. All we have to do is to buy some gas for the outboard, load up our clothes, and we are off.

Depending on the results of our test run, we'll be ready to head down the coast after that. In the mean time, we are still hanging with dad. I've been helping him with a few little projects around his house. At least we aren't putting in new floors this year. Someone saw me pressure washing the house and wondered if dad was feeling poorly. They are so used to him doing all his own work that they assumed something was wrong. Those folks didn't know I'm his son.

My lovely wife and I told everyone we'd be down to Florida in October, but apparently not everyone believed us. People back home are surprised to see we really did leave. Many assume we are still around. I can tell by the messages that get forwarded from my home phone. Imagine if we really wanted to disappear?

I got another call from the Attorney General's Office. They wanted help getting hold of my dad to confirm he really wasn't in New Hampshire back in November. Turns out dad's phone number is hard to find, along with his correct address. Long story about that. Dad lacks a lot of paperwork and documentation that most people normally have. He's not even trying and is almost untraceable.

Dad finally had a short conversation with them and with any luck this will be the end of it.



  1. May you have fair winds and calm seas.

    1. Thank you. So far, so good. Had a great day on the water.

  2. Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind that our Forefathers harnessed before us. Hear the bells ring as the tight rigging sings, it's a son of a gun of a chorus!

    Yes I am a Parrot Head : )

  3. Love Jimmy.He allways sailed looking out for square Groupers.Don't let them get caught in your rudder. They can cause a bad trip.Like the Sloop John B.

    1. They are no joke -and I leave them alone. Nothing good can come from picking up square grouper.

      In a slow sailboat close to the water, things get noticed. . .