Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to the Tribe

Travel is great. My lovely wife and I enjoying seeing new places, meeting new people and doing new things. If we can also do it in a warm climate during the winter, all the better.

Now we are back home, and it's cold and snowing. I actually had to dig out the scraper to take the ice of the windshield. It's a shock after a couple months of shorts and sandals weather. Still, it's good to be home.

That's where my tribe is.

No, it's not some Native American tribe, properly registered with the United States Government. It's my people: family and friends. We are each other's strength. It's something money can't buy.

My daughters grew up to be intelligent interesting people. They are good people to be around and we help each other out all the time. They have cool kids and good men in their lives -low drama. It's a pleasure to share with them, be it a home cooked meal, campfire, party or a home project.

I've an extended family in the area, aunts, uncles, and a whole lot of cousins. We keep in touch. In a pinch, we are there for each other. Blood is thicker than water.

I've friends that I can call on. They have skills and talents. Heck, sometimes I just need another strong back. True friends are people you call ask to borrow a shotgun and a shovel, and they won't ask questions.

Then there are people I've established long term relationships with, who aren't really friends or family. Take my car mechanic for example. We don't hang out. We don't send Christmas Cards. We only see each other at his garage. Yet, we have more than a business relationship. My truck's trailer hitch broke, stranding my boat 150 miles away from home. I called my mechanic to see if he could put a new hitch on. He couldn't fit me in until next week, but lent me his personal vehicle to tow my boat home. Will your mechanic do that for you?

Money can't buy a tribe. Money can only buy goods and services. Relationships have to be built one person at a time. If the money is gone, I still have my tribe. We'll do what we can to keep each other healthy and happy. Of course, I'll do what I can for all those people too. That's how the system works.



  1. That is the way we all ought to live. That is the only way to get our nation strong again.

  2. yes take care of your tribe and they take care of you...

    have you got a flag yet to wave?