Sunday, April 17, 2011

Longest 1000 mile journey

My lovely wife and I just made it to my daughter's place in Massachusetts. We left from South Carolina on Saturday morning and pulled in Massachusetts on Sunday morning. It's about a 1000 mile trip, and we made terrible time.

We had bad weather most of the way up. First, there was all those tornadoes in the Carolinas. We stayed ahead of them -sometimes just barely. A huge thunderstorm in Virgina hit as we were having dinner. It seemed like a good time to linger over coffee. Even so, we got caught up in the outer edges of it. On our left was bright sun, yet at the very same time, we were pummeled by heavy rain. Weird.

Hit some very rough roads in New Jersey and New York. In Connecticut, we discovered the trailer hitch was riding very low. One side of the heavy duty hitch had broken loose. Rust had taken its toll. I jacked it into place, then wrapped it back together with anchor chain and heavy duty strapping. The field repair lasted the additional 200 miles to my daughter's place.

Monday morning, I'll try and get a hitch. If it can't be put on right away, I'll leave the boat at my daughter's and come back for it later.

Not in New Hampshire yet, but you can almost see it from here.



  1. That was not a good day to be traveling. The news said that North Carolina got 100 tornadoes. Wow!! That is bad even by our Texas standards.

  2. so far you are not roadkill which is a good thing!


  3. I am glad you guys are safe!


  4. AS they say, Survival is all about the details.

    There's no place like home, said a young girl from Kansas...

    Now git back ta posting, ya old bear !

  5. Glad you made it to Taxachussetts safely. Sounds like the trip was not the most pleasant. Safe journey home.

  6. You were fortunate to be barely ahead of those tornadoes and home will seem sweeter once the journey is complete. Glad you're both safe.

  7. Hello there Sixbears,

    I found your blog through a ClubOrlov comment. I'm down in the Nashua area doing my own thing with my own blog: It's nice to hear of other people in the state who are pursuing an alternative personal economy and value system.

    Best of luck to you,