Friday, September 30, 2011

Real Anger Here

It's bad enough that I had to drop my medical insurance. Today I checked my bank statement and the premium was deducted from my pension once more. I'm a bit upset. Coming up almost $1,000 short will do that do you.

I've already contacted the NH Retirement System. We'll see where that gets us.

As best as I can figure right now, I've got the worse of both worlds: no insurance and no money.

I hope to god I don't have to try and get the money back from the insurance company. They are not the best people in the world to deal with.



  1. Dang, thats bad news Sixbears. I hope you can straighten this out pretty quickly. Insurance companies are quick to take the money, but take their time in returning it, at least in my limited experience.

    That occurance is why I refuse to participate in allowing automatic payments be deducted from a bank account. Its convenient not having to remember and make the payment though.

    Again, I hope you straighten this out soon.

  2. I had no choice on this automatic withdrawal. It happens at the state level. Contacted them bright and early this morning,but haven't heard anything yet.

  3. Every time I have tried to drop a policy from an insurance company, they have done this same exact thing. Seems it's SOP to hit you with one more last payment. Thieves !!

  4. anon 1.33 - I did not understand it was at state level, my apolgies for my misunderstanding.