Saturday, September 3, 2011

September got a whole lot better

I used to hate September. Now I hold out some hope for it. Growing up the worse thing about the month was going back to school. When I was a kid school felt just like prison. Summer break was never long enough.

Now September is my wake up call that summer is almost over. It’s time to get serious about finishing projects before the snow flies. Today I stained my deck. All the outdoor furniture and potted plants had been removed in preparation for the hurricane. Tomorrow I can haul all that stuff back out there.

It’s the time of year to check the woodstoves and make sure the chimney is clean. I still have firewood to pile up. My attempt to redo the sailboat’s bottom paint got put off. One of my daughters hit us up for babysitting duty. Grandkids take priority. They grow so fast and childhood is short. Before you know it the little ones will be in prison -I mean school.

September can have some very nice weather. Today was in the mid 70s and sunny. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll never forget sitting in a stuffy classroom, looking outside at a beautiful day. Pure torture. I don’t take my freedom from school for granted.

October can be drop dead gorgeous, with the trees exploding with color and a crispness to the air. By November, however, it starts to get bleak -the gray times. Trees are bare and everything looks dead. Days are short. Thanksgiving is a welcome break. It’s my favorite holiday. Get together with family and friends and eat well. Nothing wrong with that. By December we have the whole crazy run up to Christmas. That’s also the month when the shovels are kept handy and home fires burning. Come January, god willing, I’ll hitch the boat to the truck and head to Florida for a winter of sailing. Beats the heck out of shoveling snow and splitting firewood.

September is that last little taste of summer. It’s like that bit of wine at the bottom of the bottle. It can be sweet, or it could turn bitter.

Now if only we can keep those hurricanes away, I might be able to get everything done before winter.



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  2. What was the happiest day of my life. Not when I got married, divorced? maybe, bought my first car, no. Bought my house, nope. It was the day I graduated from high school. And, the only thing that kept me from quitting was the fear of my mother. My two older half-siblings both quit, as did a lot of my southern cousins, so she told me, "You will graduate!" Of course, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without that diploma. But, I hated school.

  3. Fall will be very welcome this year, that's for sure!

    It would be nice if I lived in a place where we had 4 seasons every year, but Texas just isn't that way!

    Great post today, buddy!

  4. Thanks Hermit. Doesn't TX have two seasons: drought and flood?

  5. Thank God only two more months of summer here !
    Then it starts flip flopping, cool, warm,cool.
    Till summer starts again in april or sooner.
    Course our winter is like a New England summer...

  6. "Doesn't TX have two seasons: drought and flood?"

    HA HA! Yes, and the flood is usually separated by at least a few years of the drought. One good thing though, for us September is the peak of hurricane season. We may get a gully-washer yet, and then some.