Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ego problem

I tell people I don’t have an ego problem, it’s big and healthy.

Now anyone who writes anything for public consumption has to have an ego at least a little bit larger than average. If we didn’t, we’d feel we had nothing to contribute.

I must admit, I like to tease people, especially those who take themselves way too seriously. I get a big kick out of is saying outrageous things.

The other day a guy asked me what I liked to eat from one of the local restaurants. I told him I really enjoy the bison burger because I like the thought of such a huge and magnificent animal being killed just so I can have a burger.

“I’m not surprised you think that way,” he said.

Isn’t it nice to have a reputation?

One night a friend and I were outside gazing up at the sky. The air was clear and the sky just blazed with stars.

“Does this make you feel humble,” he asked me?

“Just the opposite,” I said. “It make me feel huge and important.”

“Why’s that?” he asked, puzzled.

“Imagine, all those billions of stars, just so I can have a little mood lighting.”

Isn’t it fun to go against people’s expectations?

I can’t help it. All my life I’ve looked at people’s expectations and then tried to see the world from new vantage points. When you don’t take anything for granted, it sure does open up possibilities.

My crime is getting people to think. Most people accept what’s been handed to them. They absorb a way of life from the people around them and assume that’s what normal is like. It’s no surprise that I ain’t normal. (but really, nobody is, they are just faking it.)

There are cultures where I probably wouldn’t do all that well in. In Japan they say, the nail that sticks up get’s pounded down. Nope, a bit too collective for me.

My heroes are court jesters, harlequins, and the sacred clowns -the Heyoka. If I’ve any wisdom at all, it’s the wisdom of the backward upside down people.

Yes, I even know how to juggle.

For me, the jesters were the ones with the biggest egos, even bigger than the king. Kings want to be on top of the pile and think they are better than everyone else. The jester mocks the king and all he values. It takes a big ego to deny the value of what everyone else thinks is important.

My ego is big that I have no need to keep up the Joneses. Instead, I mock and laugh at their foolish striving.

Hey, it entertains me, and if it sometimes entertains you too, that’s great.



  1. Hmmm...not only do we share our type of physique, we have some common character flaws.

  2. Replies
    1. I guess that makes you as twisted as George and me. Welcome aboard!

  3. And you do a fine job of making people think, my friend. Even I, I who would rather paddle against the masses even if it means going upstream. I have, on more than one occasion, done something only because it is against societal norms just to find out that I liked it!

    Once, as a mid-level manager with several hundred employees, within a conversation that had ironically turned to societal collapse, I was asked by a group of leadership if I feared going hungry. My "preparedness" leanings were well-known. I replied, "I will never go hungry because 1) I'm a good hunter and 2) I've always thought people-meat would taste similar to pork and be much easier to dress out.

    *chirp, chirp*

  4. Good post and good comments. I'm with you a hundred percent whether we agree always or not.

  5. Thanks Dizzy. People don't have to always agree to be able to get along.