Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolate and flowers

My lovely wife surprised me with some dark chocolate for Valentine's Day. Fortunately, I also had some chocolate to give her. We surprised each other.

What? You think only the women should get chocolate?

She also has been known to give me flowers. Does that sound weird to you? What's weird is that most guys only get flowers after they are dead. Go to a wake and the body is surrounded by mountains of flowers. What good does that do the poor guy? I told her I wanted to get flowers when I'm still alive and can enjoy them.

I'm big enough, strong enough, and manly enough to enjoy flowers. It's not just for gay guys.

Normally, I don't watch television and see advertisements, but staying at my dad's I've been exposed to that strange world. Apparently I'm supposed to be spending a lot more on this holiday than buying a box of chocolates. My lovely wife didn't even expect anything and would have not be disappointed with nothing -really.

Sometimes we go to those huge holiday card displays. We find cards that we thing the other would enjoy, show them to each other, than put them back on the shelf. Apparently we aren't doing our part to stimulate the economy. No matter, we are amused. Isn't the whole point of Valentine's Day to do something fun with the one you love?



  1. ...funny how things have changed, commercialized to the nth degree...

    ...the Mrs and i don't do gems/flowers/cards, never have, we do candy, love halloween

  2. The only candy I like is extra dark chocolate. I can't stand milk chocolate.

    1. I too have turned to the dark side. That's the good stuff.