Monday, March 24, 2014

Home -sorta

My lovely wife, Brownie the Sailor Dog, and myself are currently staying at one of my daughter's in the town next to my mine. I've been to my house, but it's not quite fit for living in yet.

I may have made a mistake coming home when I did. It's -11F this morning. There are 4 foot snowbanks in my driveways.

After some effort, I was able to get a fire going in one of my woodstoves. There was a snowdrift on the roof, half covering the chimney. Fortunately, it wasn't completely blocked so there was enough draft to get a fire going.

The solar electric system started without any problems. A push of a button and the big inverter came out of it's long hibernation and energized the electrical wiring. Once the cable modem booted up I had an Internet connect. No heat or water, but Internet. Does that sound like modern times or what?

The plan is to get some heat in the house so we can move in.

Warmer weather is predicted for the end of the week, so there's hope.



  1. 11 degrees - deep freeze! Won't last too long (hopefully). Glad to hear you made it back in one piece, that is a fair amount of traveling.

    Just saw a magazine which may interest you. The latest March / April magazine SURVIVALIST was dedicated to boating - seasteading articles. If you haven't seen it yet, might be worth a look and gain some ideas.

  2. Glad you got home safely. You had a great trip, but now you have to shovel out your driveway. Me thinks you came home to early...

  3. -11 that's insane for the end of March. Now that you have internet try and Google some heat for yourself! :-)

    1. One more below zero day then it's supposed to warm up slightly. I'll take what I can get.