Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thoughts on a cloudy day

My lovely wife and I are happy with our decision to camp in the van instead of being on the water in the boat. A series of cold wet days are dealt with better when it's easy to go inside a nice warm building and buy some hot coffee.

We are a bit disappointed that we've been unable to get out on the water. That hasn't stopped us from walking beaches, marshlands, and checking out boat landings. We hope to wet a hull on some future date so this trip is a bit of a scouting mission.

The Northeast is having one of the coldest springs on record, but we are heading north anyway. It almost feels funny to have a home to go back to. The van and sailboat are both “home” too. That's life of the semi-nomad. Unlike some some wandering tribe of old, our friends and family are not traveling with us, so it's back to settled life for a while.

I think that in some parallel world I accepted that gift of a 42 foot ketch and some version of me is sailing around the world. That guy is probably smiling a lot. Of course, I've been pretty happy in this version of reality, so maybe it's not the boat but the attitude.

There is something to be said for keeping things simple. Recently in a glossy sailing magazine there was an article about low cost economy repairs. His DIY project cost more than twice the cost of my whole boat, trailer, and motor. In truth, he did the job for thousands less than what a boat yard would have charged.

Then I pick up a copy of “Small Craft Advisor” magazine, where people are crossing oceans and setting records in tiny home built boats. That's a lot more my speed. In fact, in a previous issue they did a review the Oday 19, the type of boat we have. I love a magazine that reviews boats that are out of production, a bit older, but still sound.

We didn't get to see all the places we hoped to see, but we saw plenty. It was a great learning experience. Better yet, my lovely wife is still talking to me and still planning future trips. I guess I wasn't the only one having a good time.

Just a heads up: blogging might get more irregular than normal as we'll be traveling.



  1. Hope you have no surprises, either on the road or at home, unless they're GOOD ones!

  2. You're having a great time and keeping to your philosophy.
    What more can a man and his lovely wife want...

  3. I love your blog, we are simple people, the fact you and your lovely wife can sleep on a boat, go places and walk a lot is testament to a wonderful marriage..It doesn't sound like you covet after things at all, most people do and then when they are old and alone they wonder what the hell happened to love and affection and doing what is natural and simple...We have cloudy days here most of the 200 days of the year, we did not get any rain in dec.jan and feb, but lordy in march it has broken all rain records, cold too, snow in the first week of February and it got everyone to stop and have to walk and or stay at home and live..I get a big kick out of people who hate the inclement weather cause in the pacific northwest it is inclement most of the year, then the sun and scorching heat and humidity, no in between! Have a safe journey to your home and keep on trekking the seas.God Speed and God Bless, happy Passover, easter and soon to be summer Yahooo for that! ciao

    1. Stuff is just stuff. Too many people are chained to their possessions.

      It's kinda silly to live in the Northwest and not expect Northwest weather.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. I think that having someone that likes to share the simple times can make for a much more pleasant life together.

    You and the missus seem to have found the right partner, that's for sure!

    1. Having someone to share it all with makes all the difference.