Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Out of my control

I try not to worry too much about the things out of my control. However, there are many things out of my control that could mess me up big time. Most of the time I try to have at least some response for those things.

Sometimes the screw ups are so freaking big that there's very little an individual can do. In particular, are the politicians messing around with WWIII on purpose or are they total incompetents? I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe their behavior is explained by knowledge of classified information. History, on the other hand, favors the incompetence explanation. It's all fun and games to sponsor little rebellions, move tanks and ships around, and rattle sabers. Then some bozo takes their own rhetoric seriously and it's a for real shooting war.

Just to pick a disaster out of hat, how about currency collapse? They happen. Frankly, I've been expecting one for years, but underestimated the number of financial tricks the money people had at their disposal. Americans don't have a living memory of a total currency collapse. It has happened in the past. Even though our financial system was much less sophisticated, suffering was widespread. That's back when most of us still lived on the farm and grew most of our own food. Everything is so capital intensive these days that I wonder if any sort of formal system will survive.

I could go on and on: environmental degradation, plague, famine, and so on. All big things that can run us little guys over. All pretty much out of our control. We prepare as much as possible, but I've no illusion that my efforts will make a difference.

So why even bother? Two reasons. My efforts, humble as they, are better than nothing. Maybe even enough of an edge to make a difference. The second reason is that I'm living better right now because of the way I live.

Maybe the powers-that-be aren't total incompetents . . . just mostly.



  1. You're probably living better because you're finding ways to live that are less dependant on cash and on other people.

    1. Crash early and avoid the rush. It's how I plan on becoming King of the Hobos. :)

  2. I've got my 'Rat On A Stick' franchise license already framed, lol.

    I'd like to ask the Taliban for a truce proposition. Since the U.S.A. Congress and Executive branch have been responsible for the events that led up to their jihad, I wonder is sending them the people responsible for these actions would be reason to stop the war ? The U.S. people didn't vote to bomb / not bomb them. Be worth it and I'm sure Congress would be fully on board to help the cause of the American people.

    1. Why is it that the average Joe, who probably never met any of these people in other countries, has to go fight them? As far as I'm concerned, if if it's so important, the politicians who start wars can go do it.

  3. I see you called yourself one of the "little" guys. You can't get away with that, I have met you and have seen you. You are definitely not a little guy.(grin)

  4. restart civilization your own way

    just leave out the jokers and clowns

    and you will do fine


  5. We may very well end up with a currency collapse. If it happens, interest rates will skyrocket as the government scrambles to keep the treasury bond sales from collapsing.

    This latest imbroglio in Ukraine, right next to the bear's home, just might turn out to be a costly overreach on our part. At the minimum it may end up one of the biggest embarrassments for our government as Putin schools Obama on just what are the real world limits to our influence and power in the bear's neighborhood.

    At the worst, brinkmanship between the leaders involved might result in the launch of a few birds which would make our current problems chump change.