Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Square

My lovely wife and I went to a public showing of the Netflix original movie, “The Square.” It's a documentary film about the revolution in Egypt, centered around Tahrir Square.

I could have just stayed home and watched it on Netflix, but there was supposed to be public discussion after the film. That part never happened. Maybe it's because only 4 people showed up. Take that as a measure of the public's interest. Of course, the circus was in town. Hard to compete with circuses.

Revolution is a messy business. The old dictator was overthrown and then the army takes over. After elections the Moslem Brotherhood takes power and becomes just as unpopular. People protest in the streets again -the army takes over. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Revolution is one thing. Governing is something else. Coalitions that form against an unpopular ruler fall apart as various groups scramble for power.

The Egyptian mess continues. The best thing that can be said about Egypt is that it isn't Syria. How will it end? Anyone who could feed the population and put people to work would be hugely popular. Easier said than done. This whole business started when the price of basic foods took a significant jump. The underlying economy has only gotten worse, not better.

I'm guessing that eventually people will just settle for anyone who provides stability -not freedom, not justice, not opportunity, and maybe not even bread. I hope I'm wrong.

The film is worth watching to see what revolution looks like from the inside.



  1. We may get our chance soon enough. I think we narrowly avoided it in Nevada.

    1. When the people are ready, it only takes a spark to set off a wildfire.

  2. I haven't seen the doco but I hope you got some good ideas, you know for when we have one...

  3. I am pretty sure you're wrong... about the bread. That seems to be the dividing line between discontent and revolution. As long as people get their bread at the end of the bread line, they won't make trouble. No bread, and there's hell to pay.... Everything else, is a luxury.