Saturday, December 20, 2014

Less Joy out of Driving

Every year driving for me gets just a bit less fun. Now it appears that some states that accept EZ Pass are using the transponders to see if you are speeding. It's already used as a tracking device. Transponder information has also been used in court to prove where a person was located.

I don't have one, but living out here in the woods I'm a long ways from the nearest toll booth. If I had to drive through one every day I might feel differently about it. As it is, when I go through a toll both, I almost always go to the lane with a real live human in it. People like me keep them employed.

Some roads have cameras that scan your license plate and then send your bill in the mail. My only experience with that was outside of Miami. At the time I was driving a high ground clearance pickup truck pulling an empty boat trailer. That must have messed up the system somehow as I never got a bill.

How long will it be before transponders become mandatory? Maybe they won't even bother with transponders and just track everyone using their cell phones?

Remember when people would talk about the freedom of the open road? It's like US freedom in general: for a certain value of free, within certain parameters, and as long as you can pay for it.



  1. they just gotta keep track of all us terrorist criminals always up tp nefarious criminal acts like using recycled veggie oil or fixing old appliances.

    maybe they will wake up when their newborn will be required to get a tracking implant before leaving the maternaty ward..

    or when in a special camp that can only be left when one is dead

    this is what happend when you elect the finest criminals into power over you.....

    wonder if they will track you driving on the highway to hell

    merry xmastime to yoy!


    1. Funny how so many of the things poorer folks do to get by are regulated, outlawed or taxed to death.

      Happy holidays to you Wildflower.

  2. Replies
    1. This can't go forever. Eventually enough people are going to push back.

  3. i recently saw katherine albrecht on a video about the mark of the beast. apparently cell phones are not the only way to track us.
    by the time anyone realizes to push back it may have become impossible to do so.
    deb h.