Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quick update from a computer with a dying battery

My lovely wife and I are making a quick stop at Panera's for breakfast and some wifi.

Our three nights in Flamingo went well. No electric sites were available so we put the solar panel/battery to the test. The 12volt cooler is a power hog, but we handled the three nights. Power went out in the park one day, so paying for an electric site would have been a waste that day.

It was windy, but that kept the bugs down. Even with small craft advisories in the Keys, we took the boat out. We kept in the more protected areas, but it was worth it. Saw a lot of sea birds, a couple of dolphins and even a small shark.

I'm not sure if there is wifi in the next park we are heading to, a place called Ortona South. We've 4 nights booked there, then probably back to my dad's.

We did have a small incident in Florida City. Apparently I cut a guy off and he clipped my trailer. We never even felt it. My home built boat trailer suffered scuffed paint and a broken taillight. The poor guys right front quarter was destroyed. My insurance isn't going to love me. No one was hurt, so in the big scheme of things it's all stuff.

The boat didn't even move at all on the trailer.

Gotta post before this computer shuts down.



  1. Sorry to hear of the mishap; hope things go smoother from here out. Glad you got in some boating time, instead of sitting in the marina.

  2. A boat was made to float, not sit on a trailer. So, you are doing the right thing and having fun, too.

  3. Sorry to hear about the accident. It's always something.