Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More about boat trips

When to head south? That's the question we ask ourselves each year. On one hand, we love spending time with family and friends around the holidays. On the other, sometimes I really suffer in the cold. Is is really fair to my lovely wife to pull her away from the grandkids just because I can't deal with winter?

It was nice to see everyone around Christmas, but I soon got so sick I had doubts about my ability to drive south. At the last minute our plans were changed so we could head directly to Florida rather than Texas. It was still cold in Texas and much further away.

Now the logical thing to do is for me to head south before the weather gets too nasty and I get sick. My lovely wife could stay up north with family and join me later. I've been resisting this very logical plan of action because I'd miss her something terrible. However, I'm not the best guy to be around when I'm trying to hack up a lung.

So with that in mind I've been doing some research. One of my goals is to sail the ICW from Mile Zero in Virgina all the way down to Florida. With that in mind I've been checking out boat ramps and RV storage in Virgina. Maybe I could launch the boat then store the van for the winter until we sail back up from the south.

Another option is to head directly to Florida. The van and trailer could be stored for free at my dad's. I could sail down the west coast of Florida and around the Keys. In the spring I could make my way north up the Atlantic side of the ICW.

The first way I'd only have to drive as far as Virgina. The van would have to be stored, but outside storage is pretty cheap. The second way I'd have to leave the boat in Virgina and rent a car to go back to fetch my van. That would incur rental and marina fees.

Those are two ideas that would work. I'll probably have some more before it's time to decide. Of course, plans can always change. This is just the kicking around ideas phase. As long as the boat and trailer and van are ready to go, I could wait until the last minute to decide.

It's all about keep options open.



  1. I like the first way. It's cheaper. Of course there is the logistics of DW and how to meet up with her. But you have that cost regardless of either routing method.

    Wade in NW Florida

  2. Can't blame you for considering your options.

  3. From Virginia, it's about a day on the BUS to Jacksonville, FL. Having done the Maine to Eastern Shore, MD via DC on a bus not too long ago, I can say with authority it is doable, so keep that as a suboption to your thinking. The bus in general isn't so terrible that it can't be tolerated, even by these old bones, for a day or so. Just a wrinke to your thoughts. ;)

  4. Hey Sixbears, long time no hear, just checking in with some old friends, seeing who is still on and who isn't, it's good to see your blog is still active. I'm still living off grid, the castle has grown, all is good :)