Monday, March 9, 2015

Strange bedfellows against ISIS

What the heck are we doing? So now the big bogeyman is ISIS. I've no doubt they are nasty fanatics doing bad things.

So who else is fighting against ISIS? One of the big supporters of Iraq's efforts is Iran. Yep, we are on the same side as Iran with this one. Remember when they were the religious fanatics? Now they are the bad guys, but only on alternative days or some such thing.

Then there's Assad. Syrian government forces are also fighting ISIS. So we are fighting with the guy we are also trying to topple. Some of the guys who we were supporting to overthrow Assad are now fighting with ISIS. How well is that Syrian spring thing working out for us?

Then there are the Kurds. They are the world's largest people without a country of their own -unless you want to count the semi-independence region in northern Iraq. They also have a lot of people living in Syria. Kurds have some skin in this game.

The Kurdish situation is complicated. The US has a long history of supporting them only to abandon them when it becomes politically inconvenient. Turkey has been dealing with a Kurdish insurgency for years. They could roll tanks into Syria and settle the ISIS thing with boots on the ground. However, they don't really want to support Kurds. The US is providing some support for the Kurds in Syria, but they are careful not to anger Turkey. US air basses are more important than some Kurdish village in Syria.

So the ISIS thing is a mess, and US policies created some of the conditions that allowed them to thrive.

Speaking of messes, post Gaddafi Libya is now a broken country with just the sort of chaos that breeds groups like ISIS. That not enough? How about Yemen? It's another former US ally falling apart at the seams.

Don't even get me started on Ukraine.

Anyone else think the US is squandering its treasure, lives, and even its moral standing? The recent track record isn't all that great. In fact, our record hasn't been all that great since WWII. We really were the good guys there. (as long as we ignore the war crime known as the bombing of Dresden)



  1. I think the RAF bombed Dresden, although we did our share of bombing non-military targets as well. The Israeli Prime Minister hit the nail right on the head in his speech, when he said that in the case of ISIS and Iran the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy.

    1. The Brits were in on it, but we got a piece too.

      Our list of true friends in the region grows short.

      ISIS will fall apart, in large part due to internal problems. They are just the flavor of the moment. Time we all stepped back and looked at the big picture and what's really in US interests -not US big business, but the business of the people.

    2. If Dresden was a war crime then Hiroshoma and Nagasaki were the ultimate crimes in humanity then. The deliberate targeting of civilians with atomic weapons.

    3. At least the Germans were bombing British cities and Dresden was the response they got. How many US cities did the Japs bomb again?

  2. I have wore my soap box out on the subject of our government sticking our collective noses in other peoples business over money and making the mess bigger and more deadly to the inhabitants of the area. The whole thing just makes me sick! Land of the free and home of the brave, my backside.

    1. Well, it's not like we live in a functional democracy.

    2. Well, actually, we live in a representative republic, but I understand what you are eluding too and you are right. It's been a long time since it functioned.