Monday, July 13, 2015

Next winter's boating plans

It's funny. My lovely wife and I can have the car packed for camping and out the door in 20 minutes. We've done it. We've also taken days to pack. The difference? Good enough and perfect. With the 20 minute pack job we forgot a few minor items and either did without or bought them along the way.

Leaving with the sailboat to head south in the winter should also be one of those 20 minute departures. It's not that unreasonable. All we have to do is keep all the boat stuff in the boat and the van packed for camping. When we do decide to depart it's just a matter of throwing some clothes and food into the van, hooking up the trailer and going.

Unfortunately the boat and van are no way ready for a 20 minute departure. In a pinch, I could get the basics done in 3 – 4 hours, but the boat wouldn't really be ready.

Right now it's fine for messing around on fresh water lakes. It's going to need some upgrades before heading to the ocean. The hull needs fresh bottom paint. It's trailer could use new tires. A couple more deep discharge batters and another solar charger would be great. However, what it really needs is a new mainsail. That's the high dollar item.

Looks like we most likely will be taking the Oday 19 south again in the winter. With that decision out of the way we can work towards getting the boat and van ready for the trip. The van shouldn't need anything major. That's a big relief.

While we were tempted to buy a bigger boat this year, it doesn't look to be in the budget. If we pace our expenditures for our existing boat it shouldn't hurt the budget too bad. Knowing our boat inside and out, surprise expenses are kept to a bare minimum. The money we are spending on rehabbing the Oday would be a good start towards buying a bigger boat, but no doubt that boat would have unexpected problems.

At the end of our long trip on it two winters ago we made a list of the things that would improve comfort on the boat. I figured it would be a good idea to write it all down while it was still fresh in our minds. Looks like that list is going to come in handy. With any luck by the end of fall we'll be ready for a 20 minute departure.



  1. Good luck we try to keep the camper stocked. We always seem to rob it if we need something and then have to restock before we leave. We went to the store today and had to get some replacement items because we are going to the lake Thursday. I also heard cloths wash and pack and tuned the rest out. I still shoot for 3 hours the day of departure at best.

    1. I usually do pretty good, but right now it's pretty bare for cleaning and for hauling lumber.

      3 hours isn't too unreasonable for departure times.

  2. So tempted.

  3. I like day sailing but when the day is over I'm ready for the Holiday Inn.

    1. Nothing like total exhaustion to make a v-berth feel comfortable. Actually, unlike a hotel bed, it's your bed and you get really used to it.