Saturday, July 11, 2015

Subject to sailing

Projects around the house are subject to sailing delays.

Things were going pretty well. I'd gotten up before 5 a. m. and got a lot of little projects done.

I'd discovered the problem with my rechargeable weed wacker. The charger had died, but I found a suitable replacement in my junk pile. When a piece of electronic gear fails I always save the charger. Pretty often they come in handy down the road.

So I finally get the weed wacker charged up and I'm about to start in on the tall weeds. Then I find out there are kids who want to go sailing. What could I do? Before long there are 3 kids and 4 adults zipping along the lake in the sailboat. The weeds waited. Sunny days and kids don't hang around forever.

Everyone is crew. No one is just a passenger. There are sheets to tighten and halyards to pull. On a small lake there's a lot of tacking and adjusting to variable winds blowing down the hills. It's great fun.

The projects waited until the sailing was done. Summer in rural New England is so magical it would be a crime to let it slip by.



  1. Sail when the wind is blowing. It is like "make hey while the sun shines". Have you ever considered ice sailing in the winter time?

    1. Yes I have. The problem is that we tend to have a lot of snow on top of our ice. Good ice sailing conditions here are rare.

  2. I'd like to have a neighbor like you. Sounds like a great day ... And one those kids will remember. Who knows, maybe a future America's Cup captain in today's crew ...

    1. My 8 year old granddaughter is heading out to sailing camp this summer. That's pretty cool.