Saturday, August 29, 2015

Things to do at the end of summer

We've been blessed here in the North Country with really pleasant weather at the end of August. By this time of the year anything is possible, so nice weather is a real treat.

I was able to enlist the help of a good friend (with a strong back!) to move my fire blocks under cover. It pretty much filled up my mud room. When moving heavy things it's great to have help. As nice as the weather has been, it could turn any minute and we'd need to start burning those wood blocks. It's a big relief to have so many of them inside. Sure beats digging them out from under a tarp in the yard. Been there, done that.

While my friend and his wife were here we dragged them down to the lake for a sail. It was just windy enough to gently move the boat around. As we weren't doing anything more ambitious than soaking up the sun and having a few beers, that was good enough. Fish were jumping, osprey did their dive bombing runs, loons did their crazy cries -it's all good.

Rather than tie the boat up at my beach we loaded it on the trailer. My lovely wife and I plan to do some big lake sailing soon -if the weather holds.



  1. 45 minutes hard work should be rewarded with at least 5 hours of fun and a few cold ones.

    1. Yep, that's pretty much how it worked out too.

  2. My son is leaving tomorrow for the north shore of Alaska which is way above the arctic circle. Having trouble finding cold weather gear down here. He will be working up there and right now it is about 150 degrees colder than it is here. It is not an easy place to get to. He works for an oil company.

    1. Hope they pay him well as it's going to be cold up there. Too bad he didn't have a few more days as L. L. Bean could set him up and they ship fast.

      When Israel found itself fighing on the cold Golan Heights they got their winter gear from L. L. Bean as it was much faster than normal military channels.