Friday, August 12, 2016


My lovely wife and I spent the evening on the sailboat watching the Perseid meteor shower. We saw some good ones. Our house is surrounded by trees so the view from the sailboat cockpit is much better. With rain in the forecast it was out last chance to get a really good view of the night sky.

There was the normal amount of light air traffic for this area, along with some low level satellites. Then there were the occasional UFOs. They were flying and I couldn't identify them so that's a UFO. Out of nowhere there would be a sudden bright light in the sky and it would quickly fade out. Often it could be seen maneuvering around before it completely blanked out.

No idea what that was. I'm familiar with the big flash from Iridium satellites and it wasn't that.

Eventually clouds moved in and we got a short rain shower. Rather than crawl into the little cabin we decided to tie up the boat and head back to the house.

The Leonids are also pretty good but that's not until November. It's pretty cool that time of year here in NH. The best place to view them is from my daughter's outside hot tub.

I'm lucky to live in a part of the country where we can see the night sky.



  1. I wonder if that bright burst of light was lightning at a far away distance?

    1. It was almost directly overhead so I doubt it. Seemed like a huge spotlight.

  2. If you live in woods, and go out at night, you see some strange things from time to time.

    1. There are some strange sights to see in these isolated areas.