Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throwing money at problems

There are times when I wish I was in a position to just throw money at problems. The big drawback with that idea is my lack of money.

Oh well.

Speaking of well, that's what got me thinking in that direction. Today I pulled the old cover off my hand dug well. It only lasted 45 years. If the next one lasts as long I'll probably be off the hook for the one after that.

The job just got bigger and bigger. Rotten wood from the cover fell into the well. The water logged wood was so heavy it sunk to the bottom. At that point I decided to siphon off most of the water so I could fish out all the junk. Once it was cleaned out I shocked the well with bleach.

When the destruction part was over I started framing it up with cedar poles. Then it was time for a trip to the hardware store in town. The rest of the cover construction will have to wait until tomorrow. One more good day should do it.

After working on the well I really needed a shower. Just barely had enough water flow to rinse the soap off me. Silt got all stirred up from my efforts and plugged the water filter so it was back down to the basement to change that.

The water filter still had a lot of pressure in it because it was too plugged up to completely drain down the pressure tank. While water was spraying all over me I got to thinking that some folks just hire people to do the dirty jobs.

A day of hauling heavy things up and down the hill took its toll on me. That probably an indication I needed the exercise. I sure better get a good feeling of satisfaction when this job is over. At least that's something money doesn't buy.



  1. Throwing money at problems works far better with coins than bills....

  2. Your reward for the hard work will be running water and a happy wife. Its said "you cant take it with you" but when your cash poor and skill rich they are wrong.

    1. Hmmm...that's a good perspective. Never thought of that.

    2. She's soaking in the tub now, so all is well. The cover is sealed up just ahead of some weather. The access cover can wait for a better day.