Monday, September 19, 2016

Currency Collapse?

Anyone else paying attention to the currency markets out there? I'm not a financial guy. There does seem to be a lot of scuttlebutt on the Internet.

If you do feel something is about to go down are you doing anything about it? Some folks I know are adding more ammo to their preps. Others are investing in precious metals.

As for myself, I've added some more food to my storage. If you are going to store food the best bang for the buck has always been things like whole grains and beans. This time around I purchased something different, a big bucket of freeze dried food. Two reasons, variety and light weight storage.

Freeze dried food takes up a lot less space and is quick to prepare. I'm going to keep it stored in my van. That way I'll have some food if we decided to head out somewhere at a moment's notice. If it was in my house then all my eggs would be in one basket.

In a major currency collapse my personal income would most likely disappear -or become worthless. Good thing it's only money.

Seriously though, has anyone any inside information where this is going in the near term?



  1. another damn good question

    in a currency collapse after high inflation and bankruptcy anything goes
    be it revaluation of currencies to barter exchanges of all sorts

    gold and silver being metals and not currency be only exchanged at deep discouts as it is now overvalued like so many other commodities to whatever the new currency in circulation

    those like you with home, property, and other assets will just have to ajust/adapt to the new markets better than those without same

    the likelihood of a currency collapse will occur when the currency in question is no longer of any value in any exchange

    may happen now or never as this is damn hard to predict

    so as your skills and preps increase these be those assets along with alternative fuels and energy development at the homemade level

    you should do fine

    as for the others maybe invest in a personal body bag with your gold portfolio?


    1. Should it happen and historically it always happens, things will get interesting very quickly.

      My only gold "investment" is the wedding ring on my finger. My lovely wife doesn't even have that anymore. Her finger started to swell so we cut it off. Besides, after 38 years together we don't need rings.

  2. I don't know a thing. And I don't think the has-been-drips-under-pressure know either. If they did, they aren't talking cause they don't want to be the next Vince Foster.

    Beans-n-whole grains will only go so far. Adding veggies, and spices to the stores makes the beans-n-grains a lot more interesting for a whole lot longer. I've added spices-n-herbs that will take me around the world for the same bucket of beans-n-grains. I've experienced appetite fatigue and it is no fun. What I would of gave for some butter or an egg to go with that bag of rice.

    1. I keep enough spices around to change things up.

  3. I doubt if even the Rothschilds know the day it will happen. It depends partly on how us poor folks react to their manipulation, and while we are generally predictable, we're not PERFECTLY predictable.

    1. I don't know about you but I'm feeling pretty random of late. :)

  4. I bought 120 pounds of Quaker Oats old fashioned dry oatmeal back when a 10 pound box was still less than $8.00. Dunno when that was, 4 or 5 years ago. Still got them.

    1. I buy organic steel chopped oats by the 50 pound bag. Great taste. I'll eat it as a snack.