Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spur of the moment road trip

My lovely wife and I took a spur of the moment trip down state. We visited a relative in the hospital. She's doing much better and will be out in a few days. While we were in the area we visited friends and took care of some business.

My lovely wife and I spent the night in the van. We dry camped in a friend's driveway. The solar powered 1000 watt inverter worked out well. All it took was a couple hours of sun to replenish all the power we used overnight. Not bad at all.

When we got home a huge bucket of freeze dried food had been delivered while we were gone. Too bad we didn't have it with us on the trip as we spent too much money eating out. The van has a small microwave that would make heating up the meals fairly easy.

The idea is to keep the van better stocked with quick to cook meals. That way when we head out out spur of the moment we'll have all the stuff we need. One good thing is that all the bedding had been stored in the van. All I did was put in a fresh water brick and toss in some fresh clothes.

The van ran well and most of the trip we burned waste vegetable oil instead of diesel. Highway speeds were not a problem, nor was there any difficulty in the mountains. Since I worked over the fuel systems we've traveled around 1000 miles. I'm finally starting to trust it.

While it was a good trip, we are exhausted and happy to be home.





  2. Glad to hear your downstate trip went well. My coworkers and I still get a kick out of what you did with our old ambulance

    1. That's great. It's been loads of fun and still turns heads.

  3. I'm traveling while I still am able. Lots to see both in our country and in the world.

    1. Good idea. Who knows what the future will bring?