Thursday, January 12, 2017

Temperatures swings

In less than a day the temperature went from -11 F to 42 F. That's a big swing in a short while. The warm weather brought some rain and very high winds. In the morning my yard was covered in small branches that had been stripped off the softwoods. Surprisingly, the grid never went down the whole time.

In spite of icy roads, we've been running into town to take care of errands and to meet up with people. If we are going to be stuck on land for the winter, we'd best take advantage of having friends and family nearby.

I've no regrets with spending the money to get really good winter tires on my wife's car. Between the tires and driving slowly and carefully, we've had no problems. That includes sudden stops for deer jumping in the road.

The warmer weather softened the snow and ice around the house. The softer snow allowed me to pull extension cords from our Christmas lights out of the snow. I thought they'd be there until spring. Since we had a Norman Rockwell picture perfect snowy Christmas, it can melt for all I care. My friends who ski have other ideas, but if the snow melts I won't cry about it. Odds are we'll get buried again in feet of snow soon enough.

If the weather holds I'm going to dig the ambulance/motorhome out of the snow. We really haven't needed it. Right now the battery is too low to turn the big diesel over. That's what happened when it's not started for a couple months.

That big extension cord that was buried in the ice can now be used to put a charger on the van. The tricky part is that the cord has to cross the road. Traffic is light, so if the cord lays flat it's not problem. I need a day when the town plow isn't going to come by as that would not be good. Maybe tomorrow,if the weather is good.

My lovely wife and I just can't seem to completely get over our colds. We are about 90% better, but that last 10% lingers and lingers. It's just bad enough to be annoying. We are taking it easy with hopes of being all better soon.

Not really all that much going on. Just taking care of business.



  1. Don't overdo it, that snow is heavy!

    1. It certainly is. I've learn to pace myself, as it takes too long to heal up these days.

  2. hot rum with cinnamon stick

    can't hurt to try....


    1. Always a fine idea. Picked up rum and cinnamon sticks for the holidays, so I'm set.

  3. It rain most of the night here. That means MUD to slip and slide in today.

    1. Here it means ice. The ground is frozen so the rain freezes on contact. Nasty. Just sanded my walkway.