Sunday, April 2, 2017

Between Projects

I'm taking a short break between projects, so I thought I'd return to this blog and let everyone know it's still alive.

The work I've been doing is pretty much “on spec.” For a guy who was raised in a blue collar world, that's a weird way to work. I grew up with an understanding: you agreed on so much an hour, you put your hours in and got paid. This new kind of work just feels weird to me. On one hand, it feels like I'm working for nothing. By the time money does come in, (if it does) there's enough time between the work and paycheck that they don't feel connected. Maybe if a few more paychecks come in, it won't feel so weird.

Anyway, we started the month with another foot of snow. Spring is taking its own sweet time here in the North Country. On the bright side, we won't be going into summer with drought conditions. Once this snow melts, it's going to be pretty wet.

My leg injury is still not fully healed, but that's not uncommon for this type of injury. I'm at the point where I feel good enough to overdue it. Then the next day I'm lying around recovering. This could take a few weeks yet. One thing this injury has done is kept me here in New England. A long drive to the sunny south is not in the cards right now.

I've been reflecting on some of the dichotomies in my life. At home I tend to live in comfortable clutter. There are book and magazines everywhere. Projects in various stages of completion are scattered throughout the house, and the whole property for that matter. Dishes might pile up in the sink There is a lot of stuff and things lying around.

On the other hand, I'm very comfortable with a minimalist lifestyle. I can go camping or boating with a bare minimum of gear. It doesn't bother me to live out of a small backpack for long periods of time.

Some people feel smothered by clutter. It hardly bothers me at all. Others freak out by a minimalist lifestyle but others find it liberating. For me, it's not about the clutter or the minimal. It's how they suit what I want to do. Having a lot of stuff around is handy when creating. I can put my hands on reference books, tools, materials -whatever I need. When traveling, it only makes sense to travel light. It's about the experiences and having more than what's necessary gets in the way of that.

I've been looking for a replacement for the small computer I lost in the shipwreck. It took some searching, but something turned up that fit my needs. Right now I'm using a tablet that runs Windows 10 and has a detachable keyboard. With the addition of an extra memory micro SD card, and a wireless mouse, it was good to go. The price was right, so I don't mind hauling it around with me everywhere I go. Should something happen, replacement costs won't break me.

I'm backing more of my stuff “in the cloud.” Actually, I'm using three different cloud storage companies as I'd hate to lose everything if a business collapses.

To sum up, my lovely wife and I are hanging in there. Back to the projects on Monday.



  1. Good it's bringing in some money, though. Sorry about your leg, didn't know you got hurt.

    I'm a fanatic about order, everything in it's place. My wife is the exact opposite. Makes it interesting living in the same house.

    1. Being in a mixed marriage can be interesting at times. :)

  2. Good to hear from you. I hope the leg heals up, so you and the Missus can get back to your adventures.

    I like orderly house but don't like the mindlessness of keeping it that way. So when I snap and can't take it any more, everyone is as unhappy as I am.

  3. Welcome back - and good luck with the project and plans.
    Hubby and I live with various kinds of clutter, but since retirement, I'm beginning to get a handle on mine - think it's having an effect on him, too. Time will tell. Right now golf and reading come first.

    1. You've got to keep your priorities straight. :)

  4. Glad you are healing - it does take longer the older we get! Nothing is clutter (to me, at least). It's just my 'stuff' - I need it!

    1. It can be frustrating to take so long to get back to 100% -or at least what passes for 100% these days.

  5. A minimal life style is great. Some of us live it by choice and some of us live it because we have to in able to survive.

  6. My wife was a clutter person. I would do the dishes as that has to stay clean. With her passed away I still do dishes right away, it's just easier that way. I've kinda settled into a old batchler these last 12 years.

    Everybody is different. So just do what causes the least friction.

    Glad your healing up.

    Me I'm doing chemo after colon surgery last May. And I'm now in PT for the neuropathy in my fingers and feet. It's always something. I had a CT Scan last year and the report was more of a CYA report. I'm 71 so of course there will be scarring and other anomalies.

    If I get through this and I dawn well will. I have a new bucket list addition. I want to go to Thailand. The food looks fabulous.

    Sorry I went on and on.

    Good luck with your spec job......Wade

    1. Glad you are on the mend. Dang, that's a rough patch you've had.

      I almost got to Thailand as a teenager, but that fell through. Of course, I ain't dead yet. I bet you'll love it.

  7. Replies
    1. If I don't, my lovely wife will drag me to the doctor's against my will. :)