Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dealing with stuff

Well, I finally got hold of an oral surgeon, and it's the close one -50 miles away. It will be almost a month before they can get me in for a consultation. That doesn't sound like they are too keen to do the job that day. However, they were quick to point out that it was going to cost me $150 for that meeting.

Good thing I got in before the college students are let go for the summer. They keep the dentists going full blast through their summer vacation. Those young people want to take full advantage of mommy and daddy's dental insurance while they still qualify. Can't really blame them for that.

The bills for my hospital visit started to come in. The first bill was from the lab. They give me a discount for paying out of pocket. Between that discount and credit for on-time payment, the cost is cut almost in half. Here's there weird thing. If I had insurance they would have charged me 100%. Since my insurance had a $6000 deductible, it might be cheaper for me this way. Our National sick system makes no sense.

The bum leg is really starting to get to me. When I spend too much time on my feet, the leg swells up and gets uncomfortable. Then it's time to lie down with my foot in the air again. Can't get anything done.

At least the weather is nice. My lovely wife and I got to sit in the sun with our coffees this afternoon. The osprey are back at the lake and I heard a loon the other night. Things could be worse.



  1. Well, as long as foot in air has you incapacitated, you can look at the Internetz to see if anyone has better ways to do the tasks when your foot is not in the air.

    Good news on dental work - it is never inexpensive, dealing with them. Living with the pain is far worse though.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

    1. Dental is never cheap, but it's necessary -and don't they know it!

      I'll figure something out to pass the time.

  2. Hope your dental work goes smoothly. As for the leg...maybe it's Mother Natures's way of telling you to slow down.

    1. I'm getting sick and tired of slowing down. :)

  3. Can you use sports tape to keep the swelling under control.

    1. Not until the wound closes up completely and the scabbing is gone. I'm supposed to just elevate it in the mean time.

      On the bright side that is finally happening. The nasty part of the wound is getting smaller every day.