Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trailer work

Not much going on so I'm catching up on projects. Just picked up a new tire for the boat trailer. I bought one last year to keep as a spare. Didn't have to use it. Now that I have two I'll change them both out and keep the old tires as spares.

It's been about seven years since the wheel bearings have been changed. That's pretty good considering how many miles we've hauled the trailer. Going in and out of salt water all the time is petty hard on bearings too. I kept the bearing buddies greased up with good quality marine grease. Looks like that paid off. To be on safe side I'm changing the bearings. Much easier to do in my driveway than on the side of the road somewhere. Last time I blew a trailer bearing it was on the Tamiami Trail, US rt 41, crossing the Everglades. Not fun.

Usually by the time I get around to changing wheel bearings there's snow on the ground. That's what I did on my utility trailer. This year I'm actually doing the job in the summer. Almost feels weird to do the job without frozen fingers.

Overall the trailer looks to be in pretty good shape. The lights were upgraded to submersible LEDs a couple years ago and that saved me a world of grief. The old style lights were always burning out. Last year the cable winch was changed to a strap type and I'm happy with the change.

It won't be long before the trailer and the boat are ready for travel. My lovely wife and I hope to do some sailing on the big wilderness lakes here in northern New England. For now it's good enough to have the boat anchored at our beach. We can go for an afternoon sail anytime we want. It's also a lot easier to work on the trailer without the boat on it.



  1. It's too hot here to work outside. Or it's raining. So not much has been accomplished. I did manage to get the back steps scrubbed and sealed in a couple of days. Was soaked in sweat when I got through with the scrubbing.

    1. It's been in the 70s to low 80s during the day. Around 50 at night. Pretty comfortable. I'd better enjoy it while it lasts. Rain's been heavy, but late at night.

  2. I can just imagine how much easier it was, changing the bearings at home. No worries about getting run over.

    1. That's a big one. I once drove for a few miles with a flat trailer tire to get off the highway. It was worth destroying the rim not to get hit.