Saturday, November 18, 2017

Moving along

Good news about the van. While it wasn't cheap to fix, it is fixed. The starter has a lot more snap to it. The old one must have been weak for a long time. When something like that slowly loses strength over time, it's easy to not notice how bad it is.

The mechanic had some good news for me. He thought my rear brakes might need to be replaced before we headed south. However, we put a lot fewer miles on it than he thought we would. The brakes are fine. That's one less expense I'll have to do before leaving. All it needs now is some minor body work.

After getting the van back my first stop was at the hardware store to get spare keys made. I feel a lot better having backups.

Over the next few weeks I can move more stuff into the van. I'm going to load it up with a lot of waste veggie oil jugs. No sense burning diesel when I've got a good supply in the basement and the vehicle is modified to run on it.

The sailboat is covered with a huge tarp that's well secured. Good thing as now it's snowing pretty hard. I'm glad I won't have a cockpit full of snow this year. We are still unsure if we'll take the boat or not. With that in mind we removed some items from the boat, snorkel gear, life jackets, and other odds and ends. Since we are definitely taking the sea eagle inflatable kayak, we'll want all that stuff in the van.

Things are moving along.



  1. an incident decades ago caused the institution of the two key set policy. everyone must have 2 sets on him at all times, even for vehicles he is not driving in case he must assist the driver of the other vehicle or have a friend drive it in an emergency pick up scenario.
    keys- don't leave home without them.

    1. It's a good policy. Like many good policies, there's an "incident" behind it. That's a story, I'll bet!

  2. Sounds like you have everything covered. It's in the high 30's here this morning.

    1. Making progress. In the teens here this morning. At least the winds have died down.