Thursday, April 12, 2018

Us Wandering Gypsies

We've been in rural Eastern Virginia. My cell phone and Internet connection has been spotty. Of course, if you are reading this, I was able to make a connection.

I was able to meet up with my cousin and her family. Last time I saw her she had two children. Now it's up to five. Just to make life interesting, she's homeschooling. Personally, I think she was delighted to have adult visitors and conversation.

There's a lot of tiny towns out here. The GPS sends us on some narrow back roads with lots of twists and turns. My cousin lives down the end of a half mile dirt road, but her place is right on the bay. She's almost surrounded by water. Every day she's greated with some pretty amazing views.

This will probably be the last campground on this trip. As it is, the place is nearly empty. Almost looks like everyone was abducted by aliens or the zombie apocalypse happened. In reality it's a weekday and the weather is cool.

I may not be able to connect again for a day or two. If all goes well, that's when we'll connect with my daughter and her family in Massachusetts.



  1. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Always nice to visit some new places that are not too crowded.

  2. It's been a long strange trip this season, but on the whole, enjoyable.