Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Good News, bad news

My lovely wife was finally able to get in to see a doctor. She was examined and X-rays taken. The good news is that nothing is torn in her elbow. It's tendinitis -uncomfortable, but doesn't need surgery. A two week course of treatment should do the trick. Considering she's had surgery on both shoulders, we were more than a little concerned. With that knowledge we can make plans for the rest of the year. Surgery would have required months of recovery time.

The trip to the doctors pretty much ate up the better part of the day. We were able to connect with friends and family in the evening. A friend's son is graduating from high school and there was a little celebration for him. This is one kid that needed to be raised by a village. Good to see he made it through school and survived to young adulthood. Glad to have been part of his village.

I also got to meet up with friends who were evacuated from St. Thomas island after the hurricanes. After the storm there was a three month grace period where people did not have to pay their mortgage. This is in Federal law. However, the banks are trying to say that people are in default and are trying to foreclose on people's property. That sort of thing is happening all throughout the islands.

My friend is going to be fine. He's educated, keeps track of all the paperwork, and can afford good legal help. Other people, without his means, will most likely get victimized all over again. Big banks stand to make a lot of money by stealing property and selling it to the highest bidder. It would not surprise me if one of these days predatory bankers get strung up on light poles. How more more can people take?



  1. No doubt the world would be a better place for it.

  2. No doubt the same thing will happen in Hawaii.

    1. They never let a good disaster go to waste.

  3. predator must first be identified and sought out.
    hard to reach in gated communities.
    they hide behind minions doing the dirt because minions need jobs so continue in repugnancy.
    lampposting minions will accomplish no good.

    1. Someday maybe they'll be locked in those communities and not let out.