Monday, April 6, 2020

Could it be?

I'm running a fever right now. Not really happy about it. Also have a small cough. Really could be anything. I've been careful, but you never know.



  1. Maybe. Remember, Tylenol only. No aspirin or other NSAIDS like ibuprofen.

    Lots of liquids, be careful. One of the more nasty things that Corona virus messes with is your sense of balance.

  2. I think the unknown factor is one of the worst issues with this stuff. Even tho I don't get out much. Still I come in contact occasionally with others. Then given the unknown period between exposure and symptoms. A person has a long time to imagine that they're coming down with this crud. I don't know how many times I've felt slightly off this past month, thinking oh crap I might have it. Then wake up the next day feeling fine...
    Hopefully it's just a psychological issue bro.
    Drink lots of warm tea or coffee and warm water. Keep possible virus particles washed down into the gut where they are destroyed by acid. Don't want them to make it to your lungs ! Gargle with warm salt water or anti bacterial mouth wash.
    Just keep in mind you owe us another visit and a ride in your boat. I'm holding you to that visit buddy !

    Praying for you and C

  3. Mainline lots of vitamin C. If you can get Canadian wild harvested Chaga mushrooms. Make a tea with it. Supposed to fight back this covid.

  4. Okay.It appears to be more of a gastro-intestinal thing right now. My lovely wife had that few days ago and is almost better. In these times it's easy to freak out a bit.

    1. Just make certain that your lovely wife has access to post updates, just in case. Don't want to leave all out here wondering , God forbid...

  5. Dad, a) please call at least 1 daughter before posting stuff like this and 2) Covid can present as gastro problems at the start. Please don't dismiss it. If your chest feels tight AT ALL, get your behind to emergency. If that fever lasts more than 2 days, call a doc. Please.