Friday, April 3, 2020

He’s not hating it

A buddy of mine says he’s not hating this quarantine business.

He’s retired but his wife is still working. Now she works from home. That’s 14 hours a week of commuting she’s no longer doing. Now they have breakfast together and start the day with a quick soak in the hot tub.

She takes a coffee break around 10. If the weather is good they have coffee at the “Borderline Cafe.” They have a table and chairs set near their property line. Their neighbors also have a table and chairs set up on their side. Tables are about 20 feet apart. They each bring their own coffee and snacks and enjoy a visit.

Now that she’s not commuting they have time to practice their martial arts every afternoon. Later in the evening they connect with friends and family using various video platforms.

Before his state was locked down he picked up a lot of gardening supplies. As the weather improves he has major garden projects planned.

He admits, kinda sheepishly, he’s not really suffering during this emergency.



  1. Dayum...I was waiting for the zoo to finalize their layoff list. They finally decided yesterday.
    My wife Kathy was designated as an essential personnel. So she still has to go in...Please pray to whatever God you believe in, for my wife.

    1. Ah hell. Not good. I know it's not easy, but maybe she should just pull the plug on that herself?

  2. Let's hope it stays that way for them through this. My wife and I were just talking about how weird it's gonna be when this is all over. I think a lot of folks will want a half and half type situation. Curious to see how it all goes. Up here we're still waiting for the storm. Fingers crossed

    1. Eventually this will make its way over the Granite Curtain -it's probably already here. Society will be different.