Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Woods are Full

If you have plans on bugging out to the woods you might have missed your chance. They are full. I’ve been going out into the National Forest to do some walking to rehabilitate my knee. Even during the weekdays the dirt roads out in the forest have heavy traffic. Wild camping sites are occupied.

Probably a lot of this is just people from the city looking for something fairly safe to do. However, with people unable to pay rent some of them appear to be on the road full time. Having traveled for months that way myself I know how it looks.

My cousin, in an attempt to avoid people, hiked way out in the wilds on a long abandoned trail and still ran into someone.

I’m curious to see how busy the woods are going to be come hunting season. With the price of food going up and people out of work I expect lots of meat hunters this year. I’m going to be one of them. However, it doesn’t look to be a good year for game. Berries aren’t doing well this year so critters have to work much harder to eat. We might all have to work much harder to eat.



  1. Bad mast years are good years to thin wildlife so those remaining survive better.

  2. Adding to Gorges advice above ...

    Mainly does to reduce offspring who fawns would starve OR older animals which have sown their oats and are merely eaters.

    Expect some to begin their hunts early to find their venison. A lot of country dwellers do this as a matter of course.

  3. Here in Oregon(Willamette Valley), I haven't seen deer on my property for a pretty long time. I attribute it to too many cougars, and more recently, wolves.

  4. Don't worry, when cold weather comes the woods will thin of flat-landers. Sure they'll come ride snow machines, but wouldn't be staying in motels for long periods.
    As far as wild life I've seen plenty of Moose!

  5. Over hear, the woods are "closed," and they are trying to kill off all the game (issuing tons of tags and protecting wolves.) The catch as far as folks in the woods, wolves don't care if they kill 4 legged game or 2 legged (2 legged are easier prey.)

  6. Here in onf the insects are enuff to keep the 2 leg predators at bay. Here in the summer only us that know how to endure the barrage of blood sucking insects will prevail. I know they get bad most everywhere but they are here way longer. My job/life hasn't changed much yet. I believe it will soon enough. Thanks for the update.