Saturday, August 8, 2020

Calm Before the Storm

I’m enjoying summer. The weather’s been amazing here in the Great North Woods. My lovely wife and I take the sailboat out on the lake. We’ve visited with friends and family outside and in a safe manner. The other day we even went to listen to a local musician play in the park. Home projects are getting done. Maybe not as quickly or as easily as during normal times, but they are getting done. In these interesting times we are doing better than most. New Hampshire is one of the states managing the crisis fairly well. However, there are signs of trouble ahead. Tourists have come into the state from all over. There are packed restaurants. Bike week, which had been rescheduled from June, will be taking place. That usually brings in crowds from all over. Some people have gotten very lax about precautions. I’m hoping that our luck will hold, but still taking all precautions. Too many places have gone from few cases to major outbreaks to relax. Now is the time to sort out any last minute preps. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to know the fall and winter are going to be challenging times. Don’t let this narrow window of prep time slip away. I’m expecting to be pretty much locked down when the cold weather sets in. I’ve plenty of coffee, books to read, and popcorn to watch the show. -Sixbears


  1. I'd like to say - enjoy the show - but it's a bit grim, so please enjoy the popcorn instead.

  2. Hey Spud! Florida is not doing a very good job at all. I still have plans to go hunting this fall.

    The Honda has been a real joy. Works perfectly.

  3. According to our governor, mini me Desantis. We are doing great...
    I'll likely do some hunting , but congregating in a campground just don't seem prudent this year. Pretty easy to just drive out each morning from home.
    Haven't even been to the BOL since this bug has been going round.

  4. I've got the Blazer set up to camp right in the back. Hope to disappear into the deep back country during hunting season for a few days. I can hunt right from the house, but there's better hunting further out.

    Some of the woods roads are closed right now. Hope they open up soon.

  5. You are correct that this is the calm before the storm ... but you have misidentified the coming storm.