Sunday, September 6, 2020

End of Summer

We’ve come to the unofficial end of summer. The lake is pretty busy this holiday weekend. Heck, the whole state of NH is packed with visitors. The state has taken to requiring day passes for the state parks. Many are full up.

Of course, I’d rather be dealing with a tourist invasion that daily riots in the streets. Portland just had 100 straight days of protest. Some places have definitely had a long hot summer. While I’m in no hurry for the cold weather to settle in, nobody riots during a blizzard.

2020 has been a strange year. I’m expecting some kind of black swan even between now and the end of November. That’s weird when you think of it as black swan events are supposed to unexpected. This year I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

Hope everyone is being safe. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t go around to super spreader events and avoid going to protests looking for a fight. Neither of those activities tend to end well.



  1. I'm praying for snow. Protestors aren't interested in blocking ice covered freeways.

    1. Being snowed in will make me feel safe and secure this coming winter.

  2. "2020 has been a strange year." Now, there's an understatement. Stay safe.

    1. We are well. Made some more backup plans today.

  3. Sweet potatoes are doing well. Finished both living room and bedroom ceiling insulation and new sheathing. Been keeping busy at home.
    Both yesterday and day before the Zoo saw 2000 guests each day. Way too many covidiots.
    They were only getting around 500. Slowly, rapidly going broke...
    Usual normal count is 2k to 5k per day.
    Kathy is still healthy tho, diligent about the mask thing...

    1. We can't even grow sweet potatoes this far north. I have a lot of sunchokes as they thrive on poor soil and neglect.

      Glad you and Kathy are well.

      The amusement parks are open. The ATV trails are packed this weekend. NH has been doing well, but numbers are up and I expect them to rise with the schools opening.