Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Next Six Months

Well, we are coming to the end of 2020. What a ride. Still time for a few screw ups before the end. Of course, January 1 is just a number. No guarantee 2021 is not going to be interesting.

At least the election stuff is settled well beyond reasonable doubt. The bright side of that is being able to eliminate some uncertainty.

Personally I don’t think most of us should be making any major plans beyond about six months or so. Even that might be too long of a planning window. By summer this could look like a whole different world. For some it’ll be better, for other’s it will be worse. If you can hold it together for six months at a time you will be in a better position than most. Just don’t get wedded to some vision of the future. Too much is in flux right now.

My household has been hunkering down and sitting this one out. About the only trips I’ve been making is grocery shopping for fresh food. Recently I’ve switched to curbside pickup for my groceries. That’s been hit or miss, but the local grocery story seems to have finally gotten it together.

Looks like the predicted major storm is mostly going to be south of us. We’ve got some snow on the ground, but just a couple of inches. High winds and freezing rain have taken down our grid power and Internet a few times. We are very glad to have good solar battery backup and a woodstove.

When we lose Internet we also lose our phone connections. Our home phone is voice over Internet. There is a mountain between me and the closest cell tower, so that phone doesn’t work either. In a pinch I can take my inreach device and acquire satellite communications. I can send and receive text messages that way and there’s also an SOS button if we are in real trouble.

Be safe everyone. We are having a death count higher than a 911 event every day. It’s as real as it can be. By now most people have either gotten it, know someone who has, or even lost someone dear. Don’t be a statistic. I just bought another high quality mask and more filters. It’s going to take some time before vaccines have an impact.



  1. Unlikely that the vaccine will have an effect in the Spud house. Seeing how the plan is to remain experiment free...

    1. The side effects on this first one look bad enough for my lovely wife and I to avoid. I think that might be another fairly long post all by itself. If I was still in the fire service I might not get a choice, just like when they stuck me with Hep B vaccine.

  2. election, not over. contested electors...vaccine, not happening.....think we have 4 months of turmoil ahead, war by late april. history repeats. good luck.

    1. It's over.

      I'm just going to hunker down out here in the woods for a bit. Not going to look for trouble.

  3. The election is not settled - this from Feral Irishman is where I think it could very well go - and provides a hella civics lesson to boot

    There is also on Dec 18th a report about the election from director of intelligence if I remember correct that is required 45 days after election - if they state there was fraud and foreign interference it could give the substance Trump needs to trigger the executive order he signed in 2018 on elections. He may want to try all available legal and constitutional channels first before triggering an EO

  4. Really miss reading your level headed insight on a regular basis. So much extremism from both sides of the spectrum these days. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Be safe. Stay the course you’re on. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.
    Fellow firehouse dweller

  5. Funny how flu deaths this year are WAY down. Did Covid kill the flu?
    (Data manipulation rampant)