Friday, November 27, 2020

Not so bad

Our virtual on-line Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad. We spent the first part of the afternoon in a Zoom meeting with family. The second half was spent on-line with friends. It was nice to see friends and family from Maine to California. Thanksgiving morning started with freezing rain so it was good that nobody had to drive anywhere.

My lovely wife and I have an awful lot of leftovers, but that’s a bonus.

While I wouldn’t want to spend every Thanksgiving physically isolated, we weren’t socially isolated.

Hope your holiday went well.



  1. We had local family at the dinner table and NYC daughter and her boyfriend on Zoom. After dinner we convinced my 93 year old MIL to play Christmas carols on the piano while we family, 6 feet apart sang along with NYC family and added in Florida family to join in the sing. It was AWESOME. We actually had "more" family time this Thanksgiving than we had last year. Always look for positives when given lemons.

    1. Glad it worked for you. We find joy where we can these days.