Friday, February 12, 2021

Everyone’s going camping

Right now we are experiencing some of the coldest weather of the winter. It’s been some time since I’ve had to deal with -12 with a -30 windchill. However, compared to winters of the past, it hasn’t been all that bad.

RV sales have been through the roof as people look for a safer activity during these interesting times. There aren’t enough campsites to go around. Even the dispersed campsites on Federal land are packed.

Forget about prime warm weather winter locations. Even before the new camping craze we found prices had gone up. Now they are worse.

If we were to spend some of the winter in the Florida Keys, we’d most likely have to do it on our sailboat. The boat’s small size and shallow draft allow access to places other boats cannot go. There is much to be said for being able to anchor in a remote place away the crowds.

Not that we are going south anytime soon. In fact, I plan on making the house more winter comfortable for next winter, just in case.

I have some camping and sailing plans for close to home this summer. When you know an area well, there are camping places hidden away from most people.


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