Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Obviously not in Florida

We aren’t in Florida this winter. Good thing we don’t need this car in a hurry. Maybe in a couple of months. We are using the Blazer this winter. It’s parked across the street in my other parking space that’s level with the road. Our travel has been very limited this year.

It’s actually been a pretty decent winter here in the North Country. Normally I travel south to avoid winter colds. However, with all the mask use and lock downs, my lungs are doing well.

My lovely wife and I figuring out what our future plans will be. Of course, the whole world is trying to figure out the future so we aren’t going to sweat it right now.



  1. Why sweat things for which one cannot control hmm ?
    Good year to stay away Bear. The covidiots are running rampant. Our mini me governor like his mentor seems to ignore facts and thinks it will magically just go away.
    I keep having issues medically, so have been tested twice now with the dreaded swab up the nose. Both times coming up negative, thankfully.
    Keeping busy with home projects,..

    1. I really did not want to get sick while camping out in the FL woods.

      Never thought basic science would get this political. Our education system sucks.

      Sorry to hear you've been having issues, but at least your tests are negative. I hear the test is great to have if your brain is getting itchy and needs to be scratched.

    2. If they use a Q-Tip to scratch your brain does it get infected?

    3. I doubt that it would get infected , seeing how I swear it has the feel and smell of iodine. Burns like it too !
      At least the medical issues are mostly products of getting old...

    4. I haven't had the test myself. My niece is going in to have it done today. Before the hospital will treat you for other things they require it.

      As for getting old . . . we'd better work on that. :)