Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Still Here

Some may be relieved, others dismayed. I’m fine either way.

It was a long long winter, but not really a terrible one. My immediate family got through the past year in pretty good shape. Everyone adapted.

Sadly, covid took a harsh toll on many others. I’m going to a funeral on Saturday for a victim.

Did I get a vaccine? Indeed I did. Was that a mistake? I don’t think so, but only time will tell. While the long range risks are not known, I do know I’m in a high risk group for dying from Covid. Having almost died from lung issues in the past, it’s not something I was going to mess around with.

There are a lot fewer covid deniers out there. Many were convinced by the scientific evidence. Others got sick. Quite a few deniers died.

There’s a lot of quarantine fatigue, but now is not the time for dropping precautions. Even though I’ve been vaccinated, I’m still taking precautions. There are enough new variants that it’s only smart to be cautious.

One of my good friends cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons. We’ve been getting together outside and keeping our distance. It was tough to do in the middle of winter, but that’s what we did.

It breaks my heart to see what’s happening in places like Brazil and India right now. I thought India might have had a handle on it, but they’ve just had a recent spike in infections that’s been horrific.

I’m in the process of planning a little solo adventure this summer -something different. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s going to be happening way out in the back country away from most people.



  1. I was really starting to wonder...

    The Mrs has been keeping me busy with requests for home improvement. Tore out the old cast iron tub and shower tile. Just finished that part and now working on the drain and other plumbing. Going back with one of those pre fab walk in shower only jobs. Same footprint as a full size tub. New experience for me , as I've only ever done concrete pans and ceramic tile ones. No grout and easier for old people to keep clean.
    Using that stimulus funding to good effect LOL.
    My illicit increase in chicken flock. Has proven to be a bit too many. As we're getting a dozen eggs every two days. Makes the neighbor happy though with excess fresh eggs.

    Hope you start writing more often . Reading has gotten slim on my blog role...

    1. Glad to hear from you Spud. The Blog zone was getting pretty nasty for a while. My lovely wife just went through a lot of test and some minor surgery. Long story short, she's fine. We had some nervous weeks until the pathology report came back with a negative on cancer.

      One of the things I plumbed in this year was a dishwasher. My daughter remodeled her kitchen and had a fairly new one to get ride of. With all the pandemic baking and cooking I did it was certainly nice to have.

      There's enough new snow that the plow came by last night. However, by Saturday it'll be back in the 60s.

    2. Sure glad to hear that the Mrs is doing better !
      Got the drain for shower done yesterday.
      Went to install the pan and promptly dropped a tool down the drain ! Shit fire ! Had to saw some fittings apart to get it out lol. Stuffed a rag in the hole...that ain't happening again ! Lesson learned the hard way...
      Today repair the hole with some concrete , oh boy such fun.

    3. Thanks. I can picture that plumbing job. Everything takes longer and cost more.

  2. I guess it's about time for your hibernation to be over and come out and join us! :-) It's good to her the wife is doing well

    1. Winter up north tends to be a timer for hibernation most years anyway.

      We really are blessed that my lovely wife is doing well. There were some tense weeks for a bit.