Friday, June 4, 2021

Adventure Travel on the Cheap

I went and bought myself a toy -a 2013 Honda PCX 150 with only 1600 miles on it. A friend gave me a pretty good deal on it. 


In this photo the bike is at the top of Evan’s Notch. It’s a great little twisty road on the border of NH and ME. Good fun. The road also happens to be part of the Northeast Backcountry Discovery Route. It’s a 1300 mile route that goes from ME all the way to the PA border. I’m knocking out the NH and ME sections in a series of day trips. The rest of it will involve camping along the way.

Normally someone would use something like a dual sport bike or an ADV adventure bike. That’s what normal people would do. Most of the route is a mix of paved roads and fire roads. There are some technical parts but I can easily avoid those short sections.

I’m a big guy but the scooter can still move along at 55 – 60 mph. That’s plenty fast for the paved sections of the Discovery Route. If I keep the speed down it does just fine on most dirt roads. It just can’t do deep water crossings or climb huge rocks. However, it can get close to 100 miles per gallon of gasoline.

This scooter is providing loads of fun. It’s more fun at 40 mph than my old KZ 900 was 80 mph.

The scooter came with the top box and some really nice saddle bags. A custom padded seat cover has been added, along with USB charging ports, phone mount, and padded hand grips. There’s also a place for my Garmin Inreach device for satellite communication and GPS tracking.

Do I look kinda funny, a big guy on a scooter? Probably, but I don’t care. If you want to look tough you ride something like a Harley. If you are tough you can ride anything you please.



  1. Kind of like It is with dogs , big man with a little dog, has no ego issues.
    Be safe on that thing !

    1. Believe me, I am. I think of what happened to you all the time. Being on two wheels has inherent danger so I'm doing what I can to be safe. It also helps that I can't do 135 mph like I could on my old bike.