Saturday, September 18, 2021

On the Raggity Edge

You might have noticed that people are a little crazy these days.

It really shows up on the roads. People are doing everything from constantly running stop signs to road rage with shots fired. A road rage incident recently happened about 30 minutes down the road from me. That sort of thing used to never happen around here. According to the stats, New Hampshire is one of the safest states. What the heck does the rest of the world look like?

There are homeless people moving into the woods. They have no woods skills either. One guy pitched his tent in the middle of a trail. Someone else destroyed his stuff so he was wandering around with a large knife in his hand.

The weather has been mild for September in the Great North Woods. We’ve yet to even have a frost. That’s not going to last. In recent years there have been October snows that stayed on the ground until spring. People who are already having a bad time being homeless will be in a world of hurt.

People are losing it and it’s not pretty.



  1. Building Back Better-!!
    No Malarkey.

    1. Interesting things going down all over the world.

  2. Goodness I live in upstate NY shooting are real outrageous, thank goodness I live in semi rurual I wonder when it comes to my neck of neck of the woods. God help us all. Seems it is spreading at at a rapid pace.

    1. Upstate NY is a lot like my home area of northern NH. Hope you know your neighbors and are on decent terms.

  3. Sure do they are very lovely bunch. we all look out and help each other.

  4. Tell about it Bear. My mom passed this week and now I've got to come out in public and expose myself to the crud. Been in seclusion avoiding crowds and even individuals for the past year and a half. Only now I've got to travel to the land of covid denier's. Sit in an enclosed chapel with like at least five hundred folks. In a place where they flat refuse to mask...
    I won't fly because of covid , and those little seats would half kill me for that long of flight !
    So I'm going to drive. If I can do five hundred miles a day , it will take almost six days,...heck the longest I've driven In eight years is eighty miles in a day. But I'm going to try...