Thursday, September 2, 2021



Last Thursday night my lovely wife came down with a cough and generally felt lousy. Friday morning we were in the drive through line at the hospital covid testing site. Both of us got tested. Their turn around had been 24 to 48 hours and you’d get the results. It took six days for us. We both tested negative. My lovely wife is mostly feeling better now. No idea what she had. I’ve been fine the whole time.

Apparently we isolated for a week for nothing. Better safe than sorry. I’d feel petty bad if I had something and was spreading it to others. The testing site has been getting slammed as cases are skyrocketing locally. The school district has remote learning back on the table. It was fun while it lasted.

In other medical news I actually signed up for medical insurance again. It’s a slightly better plan the last one I had and for a bit less money too. It’s still a crap plan, but I won’t get refused treatment if something happens. Sure, they can’t turn you away from the emergency room, but they don’t have to do follow up tests and treatments. When I was in the hospital a couple years ago there were tests that just were not done as they required me to prepay before doing them. My doctor was extremely frustrated by that as she wanted to practice medicine to the best of her ability.

In other news the hurricane remnants will not make it over the mountains and will turn out to sea. The Northeast is not prepared for flash floods and tornadoes. I’m glad I live up in the hills.

Hurricane Ida has passed through the Gulf states and now the real problems begin. How do you deal with over a million people who need water, food, shelter, and utilities? This was one of those instances where bugging out was most likely the best thing to do. Even buildings that survived multiple hurricanes in the past were destroyed. Authorities will have to try to move the people to other states as they can’t bring in enough supplies to keep everyone alive. It could get nasty and my prayers are with them.

Buckle up. Interesting times ahead.



  1. thank goodness you all tested negative. medical insurance is a tough situation for us too.I live in upstate ny and all we got was a few showers but I feel for the others who are flooded out. Yes we are in for interesting times.

    1. We were glad to finally get the good news. It's getting weird.

  2. I've been tested with the nasal swab thingies six times over the past year. Every time coming up negative.
    I've decided to stop seeing any more
    doctors !
    The only times I could possibly get infected with the covid , is when I go to the damn hospital. At all other times I stay the hell home.

    Sure wish everyone else would realize that isolation is the key to stopping the spread.
    Just thirty days , and we could end this !

    1. Apparently we, as a nation, don't have the ability to do what's needed. Or course, most of the rest of the world is not doing too well either.

      I'm looking at another winter locked down in the Great North Woods. Frankly, I'm hoping for a winter with a lot of deep snow. That should keep folks home.