Monday, August 14, 2023

Good Water

A good friend of mine is house shopping. His life situation changed and he has to move out of the place he’s been living in. There is one thing the new place absolutely must have: its own source of water. 

He doesn’t want to be reliant on municipal water. In a SHTF situation most city water water systems will work for a while. The problem is that in a few days or weeks they will fail. You can go weeks without much food, but lack of water will kill you in days. 

One of the big surprises in his house search is the number of properties without any sort of decent water supply at all. I’ve no idea how those houses were permitted without having water. Something sketchy is going on there. 

Not only does he want want well water, he wants to be able to access it without needing a deep well pump. In a pinch being able to use a hand pump or even a bucket is a big deal. We are lucky that there are a lot of properties that have good reliable shallow wells. Some have been there so long they predate electricity. A different friend lives on an old farm and all his water is gravity fed, no pumps or electricity needed. 

Today my house hunting friend will be checking out another property and this one has a decent well. Hope it works out for him.



  1. Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to Drink. I have a strong feeling our friends search has landed...

    1. Nope. Too much water. The back lot is currently flooded. Good place to grow rice.

    2. And given his desire for a shallow well easily surface water contaminated.

    3. I've had good service for decades from a shallow well. However, I double filter just in case. Hey Michael, I answered your herbal question in the previous blog.

    4. I will pass that on to the lovely wife.