Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Neighbor’s Visitor

My nearest neighbor has cameras around her property. For a single woman living alone it’s a sensible thing to do. Having a criminal ex-husband is another reason. 

Recently she shared some video footage from the camera mounted under her deck. Large spiders have been tripping the motion sensor so at first that’s what she thought she had. Not this time. This time her visitor was huge bruiser -a very large black bear. It climbed up on her wood pile and pawed around her basement door. In the end it wandered off without doing any harm.

Personally, I’d rather deal with bears than criminal humans. At least we know how to deal with bears. We aren’t going to be putting anything in the compost pile for bit. On trash pickup day I put the bag out out less than 20 minutes before the truck comes by. As long as bears don’t find any food around they’ll eventually stop coming around. 

It’s been a spotty year for berries and nuts. However, it looks like we might get a good blackberry crop. That would help the bears fatten up before winter. It also would keep them away from houses. When people and bears come in conflict it’s the bears that suffer. 



  1. Bears do what bears will do. People do what people do, we can be the worst of the lot. Bears are pretty peaceful people, just hungry all the time. Humans are aggressive, angry, and violent people. Your compost pile is a good place for the criminal types that would seek to harm, however that would just create another Bear nuisance. Ain't I terrible? 80)