Saturday, March 23, 2024

Winter in Spring

Looks like we are about to have the biggest snowstorm of the season. It’s the very tail end of the season, but there you go. I thought I’d post something before the storm hits. Once it does we stand a good chance of losing utility services. Such is life out in the woods. We are in a little pocket that could get close to a foot and a half of snow. 

On the bright side I really don’t have to go anywhere this weekend. By the way, does anyone know why people buy up all the milk before a storm? Why does it seem like a good idea to stock up on something so perishable? Maybe everyone mixes up white Russians during a storm? 

I’ve been taking a friend to Vermont a couple times of week for radiation therapy. I’d agreed to drive him two days a week. It’s been six weeks and he’s got only one more treatment left. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to drive through any major storms during that time. We did have some snow and ice on the roads some mornings, but it didn’t last. 

Right now we only have one vehicle available for errands. During a warm spell my driveway turned to mud. One of my cars sunk in the mud. Then it turned cold and froze it in place. Lovely. After this next storm warmer weather is predicted. I think I just might wait for the driveway to thaw before trying to move the car. 

This sudden shift back into winter has been very unwelcome.



  1. Folks stocking up on milk, bread and eggs...I reckon they make french toast when it storms.

  2. Chuckling, indeed. Just shoveled a bird feeding path, plenty of hungry birds flitting in and out, IGNORING the Squirrel trying to hog it all.

    A bit over 6 inches of fluffy stuff this am, looks like an inch added since I made the path, still snowing.

    What are those little black headed grey bellied birds? Tough little birds.

  3. Snow finally stopped last night. Re-shoveled bird feeding path. A measured 22 inches. Grateful no wind so no power outages and no drifts.

    Winter laughs at spring.

  4. We got about six inches, and then a bunch of rain. As long as we can get out of here to go for groceries tomorrow, we'll be fine.

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