Friday, March 1, 2024

Chimney Fire Season

On my way home I could smell the creosote in the air as I drove through town. That’s a chimney fire waiting to happen. This is the season for it. 

Those who heat with wood have been burning for months now. We just had a spell of unusually warm weather. Woodstoves were turned down to a slow smolder. That creates even more creosote. Then, like yesterday, we had a bitterly cold and windy day. 

That’s when stoves are cranked but up. Those are perfect conditions for a chimney fire. The hot blast ignites the built up creosote. Then the fun begins.

So if you heat with wood it might be a great time to check your chimney. 



  1. Meh , I always just kept a big bucket of water close to the stove.

    1. What you need is a wood fired air conditioner. :)

    2. Not this year LOL ! Have had to use the heat almost every night last month . Would get up in the A.M. and the house would be an uncivilized 65° !

    3. 65! Horrors! People up here wear shorts to knock the snow off the woodpile. It's what you get used to, I guess. Even I got adapted to frozen winter again.