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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attack of the Boom Mower

My lovely wife and I were in the kitchen having our morning coffee. We heard a commotion. A loud machine growled its way up the road. Now in a lot of places, the sound of loud machinery is background noise. Here, anything that drowns out the songbirds is worth investigating.

What we saw was a boom mower trimming the growth along the road. My wife got to see the boom reach down past the pavement and gravel shoulder, fairly far off the road. It took out a nice little spruce tree.

My wife had transplanted that tree a couple years ago. She placed it there to stop erosion at the top of our gravel driveway. It was being raised to be a living Christmas tree. She'd been trimming it so it'd fill out and be attractive. Two weeks ago she mulched around the base. It was growing nicely. This year it might have grown big enough to put some LED Christmas lights. We could have walked down the driveway to the soft lights of our living Christmas tree.

That plan came to a sudden end this morning.

There are times when I think it'll be nice when motor fuel will be rationed or too expensive for things like boom mowers. Keep it for ambulances, fire trucks and police cars. It would not bother me at all if my road became an overgrown path.



  1. Sorry about the Mrs tree.Some parts of modern are very cool.Sometimes primitive sounds better.If ya could just get the right mix.


  2. Later the boom mower came by and did the other side of the road . . . taking out some of my blueberries that were just about ready for picking.