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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Checking the tents

The above photos are of a couple of my smaller tents. The one in the left is a three season, three person tent. The one on the right is a four season, 2 person. Both are L. L. Bean tents and are about 12 years old.

My lovely wife and I are going camping at the end of the month. Before we do, I like to check out all the gear. It certainly cuts down on problems in the field. I decided to give the tent on the right a fresh coat of water proofing.

Storing tents clean and dry greatly extends their lifespan. These are still in good shape, in spite of heavy use. Sometimes there is no choice but to pack them wet. Do enough camping and eventually the rains are going to come down. At the first opportunity, unpack the tent and dry it thoroughly. Mold and mildew can quickly make a tent unfit for use.

Along with the tents, sleeping bags, and pads get an inspection. Staying warm and dry makes all the difference when it comes to camping comfort. It's the keep to having a happy spouse. Nothing like being wet and cold to ruin a camping trip. (and stress a relationship.)

Another item that gets a complete test is the camping stove. Gotta have hot coffee and warm meals. Sure, I can cook over a campfire as well as the next guy, but why suffer when it's not necessary?

This is going to be a quick trip to the coast of Maine. We are staying in a private campground. That means electricity and hot showers, not really roughing it at all. It's a chance to get together with family and friends. Making sure the basics are covered, we can concentrate on having a good time.


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