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Friday, July 23, 2010

Today rather than yesterday

I mowed my tiny lawn today instead of doing it yesterday. Oh, I was ready to do it yesterday, but something made me stop. I'd neglected my lawn long enough that the clover had come into flower, along with a tiny purple flower I don't know the name of. While I wasn't too knowledgeable about those purple flowers, honey bees thought they were the greatest thing in the world. Bees were all over my lawn.

Now honey bees are pretty mellow as far as bees go. They'd have gotten out of my way had I approached with the lawn mower. However, with bees having a hard time all around the world, the least I could do was leave the ones in my yard alone. The grass could wait. It'd been a long time since so many honey bees visited.

Sometimes the best thing man can do for the natural world is leave it alone.



  1. Wow clovers? They only happen here from March to maybe May but stop usually in April.

  2. It's pretty lush up here in northern NH right now. Gardens are growing like crazy.

  3. Leave nature alone, I'm all for that. It kills me when I see people mowing down ACRES for no reason other than they want it to "look nice". BAH! I thought the waves of tall grass blowing in the breeze looked much nicer than the cut down lumps of dead stuff, and the inevitable trash now visible (and left laying)...

  4. Amen Bro,I am not a tree hugger by any means but I give nature a break whenever possible.Weeds to some are flowers to others!