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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power Shed II

There's the power shed, made from an ice fishing house. Photo was taken yesterday just after we threw the switch and it came on-line. It's yet to be tidied up, as you can see by the unruly grounding wires.

The shack is under eight feet long. Panels are five feet tall. Each panel puts out 250 watts for a grand total of 500 watts. Now 500 watts doesn't sound like a whole lot, but since the house was designed to be off grid from the ground up, it handles day to day needs.

Currently, the battery bank consists of only six golf cart batteries. An additional six are on their way. Ideally, all twelve should have been bought at the same time. Since this a debt free, pay as you go system, everything is being done in stages.

Backup power currently comes from either a 5000 watt generator powered by a Robin Subaru gasoline engine, or a 1000 watt Honda. A 10,000 watt diesel generator is being repaired. The diesel engine will also run on waste vegetable oil.

Will take more photos once things are tidied up a bit.



  1. I've been having a lot of fun with this project. More than if it'd been at my house.